Advanced TroubleshootingΒΆ

Here are some useful commands if you run into problems are want to understand more about the components of the Knowledge Network build pipeline.

  1. List all Mesos tasks
curl -L -X GET
curl -L -X GET
curl -L -X GET
curl -L -X GET
  1. List all Marathon job statuses
curl -X GET
  1. List all Chronos jobs
curl -L -X GET
  1. Get statuses of all Chronos job that are not successes
curl -L -s -X GET | grep node, | \
    awk -F, '{print $3"\t"$4"\t"$1"\t"$2}' | sort | uniq | grep -v success
  1. Remove all stopped Docker containers
docker ps -aq --no-trunc | xargs docker rm
  1. Get Docker container usage stats
eval "docker inspect --format='{{.Name}}' \$(docker ps -aq --no-trunc) | \
  cut -c 2- | xargs docker stats --no-stream=true"
  1. Find Mesos identifiers per pipeline stage
for i in mysqld redis-server check_utilities fetch_utilities table_utilities conv_utilities import_utilities export_utilities KN_starter next_step; do
  echo $i
  docker ps -a --no-trunc | grep $i | rev | cut -d' ' -f 1 | rev | awk -v LABEL="$i" '{print $1"\t"LABEL}'